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Chiropractic is performed by a Doctor with the purpose of identifying subluxations in order to correct and prevent them. By so doing they are able to optimize health. Now we both know you are wondering, what is a subluxation? A subluxation is an aberrant or misaligned vertebra in the spine, or extremity, which disrupts mechanical or neurological function. Chiropractors work not only with the spine, but are also able to perform adjustments to the musculoskeletal system to create physiological responses. In other words if there are any subluxations (misaligned portions of the body) that are causing the disruptions of nerve impulses, they can correct this to optimize the body’s natural way of repairing itself.

Chiropractors are experts in the detection and correction of areas that may be disrupting the body’s communication. Through manual manipulations they are able to realign the body, restoring you to optimal health. Through adjustments you can receive improved range of motion and alignment, restored proper curves and biomechanics, more energy, and all around better health by allowing the nervous system to do its job.

So how do you know if a subluxation is causing the pain you are feeling? There are multiple symptoms including pain, tenderness, decreased movement, pressure and numbness. Everyone is different, and our bodies all respond differently to circumstances. It is important to learn the cause of your pain, in order to find relief.

Through a Chiropractic consultation and exam, the doctor will be able to tell if the pain you are feeling is caused by a subluxation. When a subluxation occurs the nerve is pinched, and if the nerve remains pinched for an extended period of time, then the nerve is unable to relay messages to the brain. Through this occurrence the vertebra in the spine will begin to degenerate, not receiving the nutrients that they need through normal movement. In addition, the muscles connected to the spine will begin to tighten, further decreasing the range of motion, and further damaging the joints and nerves around the area.

Here at The Rejuvenation Center we know that health is achievable, and that you can reach it without having to take medicine and other toxic chemicals, natural health is what we do. We have a chiropractor on site, Doctor Brad Miller, who has naturally healed hundreds of patients. We have at the office all the tools needed to help you reach optimal health through our water table, ASTYM, massage therapy, and adjustments.

A consultation and exam only takes an hour of your time, but gives you the information that you need regarding your pain and health. Once we know the cause we can go about fixing the problem. Adjustments only take fifteen minutes, treatment plans vary based on patient concerns.  Call us now at (801) 305-3608 to schedule your appointment.