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The body and mind have the capability of performing amazing tasks, but when something goes wrong, it seems like they just aren’t capable of doing anything. One little known fact is that the body has the ability to heal itself. We have all heard the phrase “mind over matter.” The mind is capable of literally healing the body, releasing the tension that gathers overtime through stress. There are definitely things that the mind is incapable of healing, but issues derived from stress, anxiety, depression, and other such problems, the mind is able to overcome.

We have all felt the pain and tension that comes with stress, old age, repetitive motion, poor posture, and life in general; the feeling that your muscles are glued together, and filled with cement. You can’t move, can’t even think straight. This is usually about the time that people start reaching for the pain pills, anti-inflammatories, or even heat pads and ice packs. Some people turn to chiropractors and massage therapists, which are perfect ways to decrease the tension; but there are more options.

Craniosacral Therapy is a unique form of massage therapy. It quite literally helps the body to release itself! This massage isn’t your normal kneading, rubbing, long flowing strokes type of massage. Craniosacral is made up of holds, meaning that the massage therapist holds certain portions of your head and back. These holds balance the cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and brain. The cerebral spinal fluid can become off kilter, for a number of reasons, but when the fluid is off balance it can cause headaches, tension, it can even affect the organs, muscles, joints, and nerves. Craniosacral therapy balances this fluid, bringing homeostasis to the body.

There are many benefits of craniosacral therapy. It brings balance to the body in more ways than one. It promotes proper flow and alignment, increasing circulation, and optimal health. Craniosacral therapy is a natural way to release tension, you quite literally release yourself. Everyone will respond differently, as with all forms of massage, but all will be able to reap the benefits. A treatment of craniosacral therapy lasts for an hour; the number of treatments varies based on person and length of treatment plan.

Our massage therapists here at The Rejuvenation Center are trained in Craniosacral Therapy in Layton, UT, with a knowledge proficient in the benefits of it. Everyone responds differently to different forms of massage therapy. Craniosacral is one that works for everybody. This particular form of massage is done through clothes. It is a very relaxing form of massage, and boosts over-all health and immunity. Most people will feel results after their first treatment. Call us now at (801) 305-3608 to schedule your appointment.