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The aches and pains that never seem to go away, the warnings that you receive before a storm arrives; all these things wrap up to form two words: Joint Pain. Joint pain is commonly tied with getting old, and is passed off as a symptom, something that you can do nothing about. These ideas are a myth, joint pain can be felt by people of all ages, and there are many things that you can do to find relief.

The joints are formed when two bones come together. Those bones are connected by ligaments. The space between the bones, the joints, can become inflamed or even damaged, and that activates the pain receptors. Muscle tension can put added pressure on the joints, causing them to become more inflamed, or even further damaged.

If the joints go untreated once they are damaged, the injury just steamrolls and grows. Say for instance that you start getting a neck ache from stress, which is after all where most people carry their stress. That ache is caused by the muscles tightening up, and once the muscles tighten up it starts affecting everything around them. The nerves and veins flow through the muscles, so when the muscles tighten up, it decreases the flow of both. The added tension in the muscles also affects the joints, you see tendons attach the muscles to the bones, so when the muscle gets tight the tension travels through the attachment site, and puts pressure on the joint. Muscles surround everything, without them we cannot move; we couldn’t even breathe, so when they become tight, the whole body feels it.

There are two components to joint pain: the joints and the muscles. In order to decrease the pain, and eventually heal the area, you have to treat both. We have talked about how the muscles can cause joint pain, but the pain can start from the joint and eventually affect the muscles. Joints can get damaged and injured through simple things like falling, or more severe injuries sustained from car accidents for instance; and the pain and tension sustained therein can affect the areas around it.

Chiropractic and Massage paired together are the perfect way to treat joint pain. Massage therapy is used to treat the muscles, using medical massage to release the tension from the muscles. Chiropractic focuses on the joints, helping the body to return to proper alignment, so that the nerves can perform optimally, and the body can perform its functions. Treatment plans vary by patient, as do the lengths of time. A chiropractic adjustment takes 15 minutes, and the massage length ranges from 10-60 minutes.

We have on site, here at The Rejuvenation Center, all of the tools needed to treat joint pain. Both a Chiropractor and a Massage Therapist are available, as well as a stem machine, and water table. Learning the cause of your joint pain is very important to be able to treat it. At The Rejuvenation Center we have each patient go through a consultation and examination before undergoing chiropractic treatment. The consultation allows the doctor to figure out the cause of the joint pain so as to allow the best treatment. Call us at (801) 305-3608 to schedule your appointment.