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Tired of being sick? The coughing, sneezing, runny nose, exhaustion, aches, pains, sleepless nights…. The misery is endless. So what causes you to become sick? We all know about the toxic invaders called germs that infect our bodies and make us sick. But what a lot of people don’t think about is that our bodies are supposed to be able to fight those sicknesses. We have a defense set in place, our immune system, that fights off germs and keeps us healthy and strong; but a lot of the time our immune system isn’t quite up to par.

Each day we make decisions that can make or break our health. Choosing not to exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, or even drink plenty of water decreases the efficiency of the immune system. Even when we are making good health decisions the air we breathe can decrease our immunity. Luckily though there is a natural way to boost your health, whether you are sick, or wanting to protect yourself against the sicknesses of the season.

The immune system is broken down into antibodies, tonsils, thymus, spleen, bones marrow and the lymphatic system. The antibodies are the white blood cells, which attack and destroy foreign   substances like bacteria and viruses. The bone marrow, tonsils and thymus produce these antibodies. The spleen filters and destroys foreign substances. The lymphatic system is quite expansive, covering the entire body with lymphatic ducts and glands.

The lymphatic ducts are similar to veins or arteries found in the cardiovascular system, they carry the lymphatic fluid through the immune system, and allow the lymphatic glands to filter and protect. In these ducts there are flaps that prevent back flow. Sometimes the lymphatic system gets backed up, meaning things don’t flow the way they are supposed to. This is the opening of a door for sickness to come waltzing in. The fluid continues to build up, and the immune system starts to plummet.

Lymphatic Drainage is a manual release of these lymphatic ducts and glands, which improves circulation of the lymph fluid, and boosts the immune system. Lymphatic Drainage can be done full body to boost overall health, or can be more focused, say the face for instance, to decrease congestion. Stuffy nose? Congested chest? Lymphatic Drainage is a 100% natural way to boost the immune system, and get you through your sickness faster!

Are you still a little hesitant? Lymphatic Drainage is a very simple form of massage, very light touch, working just under the skin. It is non-evasive, and can actually be done through clothes if necessary. Time lengths vary from 10 minutes to 60, depending on amount of work performed.

Here at the Rejuvenation Center, we have on site a skilled and licensed Massage Therapist in Layton, UT who is trained in the work of Lymphatic Drainage, and can answer concerns and questions that you might have. Call us at (801) 305-3608 to schedule your appointment.