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Massage Therapy, just close your eyes and picture it for a moment. The lights are low, the soft music plays in the background, and the soft touch of hands kneads away your tension. When most people think about massage, they think of relaxation and soft music, and while massage can definitely relax the body, there are so many other things that massage can do!

Tension in the muscles is a very common occurrence in this day and age. Stress, repetitive motion, and inactivity cause the muscles to tighten and lock up. Most people have experienced muscles cramps, the loss of range of motion, and the inability to do the things you wish because you hurt too badly. Everyday life is enough of a reason for the muscles to tighten up, the constant running around, never sleeping well at night, not to mention the unhealthy things we eat.

There is a chemical compound in the body called Lactic Acid that is produced by the muscles during movement, especially exercise. When your body is stressed, or you do the same movement repetitively (like at work), the lactic acid becomes trapped in your muscles, instead of being worked out of the body through the blood system, and finally filtered by the kidneys. The acid becomes trapped because there isn’t enough oxygen in the muscles, or the muscles are not open enough, to allow the toxins to flow through and out of your body. So they sit in the muscle, making it tighter and tighter until finally the muscle won’t move as it needs to.

When a muscle becomes tight that muscle affects the ones surrounding it along with putting extra pressure on the joints it attaches into. The pain and tension will just spread if left unattended, until it starts damaging the nerves, decreasing blood flow, even affecting your internal organs.

Medical massage is how the tension is taken out of the muscles, relieving the pressure on the joints, and decreasing your pain. The massage is deeper, which is necessary to get the tension out, and combines techniques such as kneading, friction work, trigger point relief, and muscle striping. Medical massage makes it possible for the muscles to heal themselves; it forces the brain to focus on the problem so that the body can fix itself. It is a completely natural way to release the tension, to decrease the pain without having to take medicine to cover it up. Medical massage not only helps the muscles to decrease the tension, but it has profound effects on the entire body. Massage helps to boost your immune system, increase blood flow which affects the cardiovascular system in a positive way, promotes proper alignment of the body, and helps to keep the nerves performing optimally. Massage therapy has the power to effect and heal nearly every system in your body.

Here at The Rejuvenation Center we have a Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, who is specially trained in Medical massage in Layton, UT. Each patient is different, and some will respond faster to the massage, and release quicker, than others will; though all will be able to feel the benefits of massage integrated into their lives. Treatment plans vary by patient, though most people will be able to feel significant improvements in as little as one month. The length of the massage ranges from 10-60 minutes.  Call us today at (801) 305-3608 to schedule your appointment.