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Neuropathy is a symptom of an underlying condition that affects the Peripheral Nervous System. The Peripheral Nervous system covers all of the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord. There are many conditions that can cause Neuropathy, the most common being pressure from the musculoskeletal system on the nerve. The musculoskeletal system covers all of the muscles and bones in the body. Let’s look at the bigger picture; everything in the body is connected, right? Well say that one of the muscles, bones or joints goes out of alignment, that misdirection will affect the other parts of the body that are connected around it, including the nerves. When pressure is exerted on the nerves it makes it impossible for the nerves to perform optimally, which in turn cuts the connection between the nerve and the brain. Most of the time the pressure is exerted gradually, each day the muscle gets tighter, or the bone shifts further out of alignment, and each day the pressure on the nerve increases until the nerves are completely cut off. Pressure held over time will cause damage to the nerve and intensify the symptoms of Neuropathy.

There are many symptoms found in relation to Neuropathy including but not limited to, pain, traveling pain, burning sensations, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and that pin and needles feeling. With Neuropathy these feelings will increase over time, as more pressure is exerted on the nerve, until the pain continues all day long.

Need an example? Think of it like this. When you hit your “funny bone” your arm begins to hurt and tingle. You grip it in pain and wait for the unpleasant feeling to stop, and eventually it does. That sensation that you felt was due to pressure on the nerve. Luckily though the pressure when you hit your elbow only lasted a few seconds and the nerve was able to return to its normal state. Imagine for a moment having to live with that pain all the time. If the pressure exerted on your nerves isn’t reduced that is what you are looking at when your nerves become damaged.

Neuropathy is treatable! While nerve tissue takes the longest time to heal, if given the chance the body will repair itself. That chance being a relief of the pressure on the nerve. At The Rejuvenation Center we are experts at relieving that pressure through massage and chiropractic. We are able to look at the musculoskeletal system to find areas that might be putting pressure on the nerves; once we find the source we can fix the problem. Over time the pressure will be eliminated, and the body will be able to heal the nerve and surrounding tissues. Imagine what you could do without the symptoms of Neuropathy! Call us at (801) 305-3608 to know more about Neuropathy Treatments in Layton, UT and to schedule your appointment.